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Scott Dunklee

Scott Dunklee

Scott Dunklee, Owner

Scott started his career in customer service over 23 years ago in the resort / hotel business. He has worked at many 5-star / 5-diamond resorts such as The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale AZ, The St. Regis Monarch Beach and The Montage. His years of working with customers and creating relationships allows him to deliver highly personalized service. He has his degree in Information Technology and is a former crew chief for the Lucas Oil road-racing team.

In 2011, Scott started Dunklee Industries with a focus on the ballroom dance community.  Although that is his main focus, Scott has forged ahead and has created a business that can accommodate any size business and just about any budget.

Scott is committed to finding products that will fit your business.


Karen Schmedeke

Karen Schmedeke

Karen Schmedeke, Creative Director, Designer

Karen has been an artist since she held her first crayon. A designer for many years, she worked as Creative Director at several agencies in Southern California. And loved every minute of it. But it wasn’t the only thing that captured her attention. Along with her passion for design, her curiosity lead her to a second career in coaching. In her hours away from the studio, she wrote and led seminars and created a thriving coaching practice.

In 2007, Karen realized it was time to merge her two passions. She began Dezign BuZz, specializing in branding and design for small businesses. Her years of design had made her an expert at creating powerful visual images. Her years of coaching gave her the ability to hear the things that my clients don’t say and ask the questions that reveal their dreams.

The combination is magical. Karen’s specialty is being able to listen to a business owner’s vision and create a brand that’s exactly what they hoped for. We can honestly say she’s never had an unhappy client. And they definitely have a happy designer.


Dunklee Industries has over 3000 suppliers to help find the right product for you.

We work with organizers of dance competitions, studio owners, golf courses, restaurants, hotels, local and national businesses and special events. The objective is to find high quality products through our large data base and provide the best monetary options for your event or organization.

We have an understanding of what people like and what options offer the best fit in these situations. In addition, we realize there are budgets to meet as well as revenue to be made.

Some of the companies we have worked with over the years in the Dancing world are: Cheryl Burke Dance where we provided team Jackets, custom journals and pens. We have also just completed work with Sonny Perry Dance on team jackets, with LeNique dancewear on embroidering team jacket and robes. We have also worked with C and F Dance, JB Dance and feelthefloor.com From solutions companies such as the CamTech Corporation with logo-ed t-shirts. Aliso Viejo Country Club, United Airlines, Be BETTER Boot Camp, and TT9Consulting. We are committed to finding great products to make your business visible.

Know what you want, know where to get it!

Dunklee Industries – Your business branding specialist.